Fun Bots

The Fun bots are listed here!

Votes: 0
Invites: 105


Another multipurpose bot for all your server needs

Votes: 0
Invites: 76


Hedgy is a high quality Discord Economy Bot with multiply different commands!

Votes: 21
Invites: 78


WelcomeBud is a brand new welcome bot with an extremely easy set-up, it also includes some fun commands to have fun with your friends!

Votes: 16
Invites: 93


PBOT, is an innovative multi-purpose bot ranging from commands such as 8ball to advanced translations.

Votes: 0
Invites: 90


Haii!!This is a fun Discord Multipurpose bot (Zenitsu). It got 500+ commands.(Command you name it zenitsu have it!).Invite Zenitsu Now!!

Votes: 573
Invites: 118


An Amazing Discord Bot, that has a ton of features, with low latency, and a ton of customization options!

Votes: 8
Invites: 111


An Advanced AI Chatbot, capable of doing much more than just chatting!

Votes: 4
Invites: 41


A multipurpose discord bot which has tons of features, with good uptime, fast respond time and more!