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Krodo is a multi-purpose
Discord bot programmed to
boost your server for
the best experience.

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What it Is

Krodo is a multi-purpose bot programmed to make work easier and more exciting in your server!

Krodo has Moderation, Utility, Tickets and Fun commands! Eightball and reversing text, to checking a users info or banning someone! Create or close a ticket! Krodo gets updated regularly, and is truly the bot for you!


Krodo serves amazing moderation commands to help moderate your server! These include banning, softbanning, kicking and muting to protect and keep your server safe! It also has all these on Context Menus.


Krodo offers helpful utility commands to help you easily! Quickly lookup information about a user or the current server you are in! Or easily, get a users avatar! Easy with Krodo's utility commands!


Krodo introduces out-of-the-box fun commands to boost your members experience in your server! Ask magic 8ball a very hard yes or no question! Maybe you're determining who should go first? Flip a coin!


Krodo offers a sleek modern design of mostly embeds, with an amazing color tone to boost the design and make it the best bot you can have in your server!