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The most beautiful bots of this month are listed here!

Votes: 10007
Invites: N/A


Bots Land is a Discord Bot List to help developers promote their bots.

Votes: 704
Invites: 32


Spectre | The ULTIMATE Discord toolset! Allow your members to make reports, allow admins to purge chats, lock channels, and much more...

Votes: 573
Invites: 118


An Amazing Discord Bot, that has a ton of features, with low latency, and a ton of customization options!

Votes: 23
Invites: 157


Image Editing, Cute Dog Pictures, Hypixel Stats, And MUCH More!

Votes: 21
Invites: 78


WelcomeBud is a brand new welcome bot with an extremely easy set-up, it also includes some fun commands to have fun with your friends!

Votes: 16
Invites: 92


PBOT, is an innovative multi-purpose bot ranging from commands such as 8ball to advanced translations.

Votes: 8
Invites: 110


An Advanced AI Chatbot, capable of doing much more than just chatting!

Votes: 8
Invites: 42


Musicalit is the easiest way to play music in your server. Run Youtube Videos, SoundCloud Music in seconds! All competely free, and lag free.