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Welcome to Discord Land

Discord Land is a company that offers tools and utilities to Discord Bot Creators and Discord Server Creators.


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Discord Land offers many utilities for Discord users and Discord developers. Check them out!

Bots List

Our Bot List helps users find the bot they need while helping developers promote their bot. Get users to vote for your bot for perks!

Servers List

Need to find a certain community? Want o to promote and expand your community? That's where Discord Land Server List comes in.

Bots Land Hosting

Are you a beginner bot developer with no way to host your Discord bot? No way to keep it online 24/7? Get your bot approved and now you do!

Developer Docs

We offer tons of documentation for our services to allow developers to interact and use our services in their own type of way.

NPM Package

We offer an NPM Package for developers to check if a user voted their bot, or bumped their server. Offer perks for voters/bumpers. Interact with the package.


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We provide easy ways to contact us. Don't worry! We reply fast!

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